Alma works as a freelance designer. Among her favorite types of projects is the creation of repeat patterns. Alma's repeat patterns have been featured on bags and binders produced by FranklinCovey, swimsuits produced by Limericki, and many sites online.

Course Description
In this 2.5 hour course, students will learn the basics of repeating patterns from the very basics like a polka dot, to random repeated patterns (such as the mason jars shown above), to symmetrical patterns such as damasks. Students can expect to learn all the steps to creating patterns out of their own artwork in Illustrator by the end of this course.

Class Requirements
Basic Illustrator experience is required for this class. Students should understand how to create objects, and move and resize them with the selection tool. Understanding of the pen tool is a plus. (This class is scheduled less than one week after an Illustrator 101 class, to allow for students who are interested in learning Illustrator for the purpose of making patterns. See the Illustrator 101 class listing for more information.)

A laptop must be brought to class with Illustrator downloaded. (You can download a free trial for the class.) You may use any version for this class.



Pebbles in my Pocket, (1132 South State Orem, Utah 84097)

Class Time

Thursday, June 10 6:30pm - 9:00pm.