coming up next!

so many things -and people- have been neglected these past two weeks. from 10am -midnight, i've been hammering out this book. and today it will be finished! (just finishing the table of contents and bio page now). this is very very exciting news for me because i'll soon be able to work on other projects.

lucky art weekend students were able to pre-order this book and will receive it by Christmas!

If you'd like to purchase gift certificates for Christmas, we are offering gift certificates for the following:

*any future live classes
* private instruction (alma, mike, me)
* the textbooks -photo, illustrator and photoshop ($40 + $5 shipping) will not be shipped in time for Christmas, sorry.

here are some other things to look forward to for Jan 1, 2010:

*registration for online classes.
*brand spankin' new
*a shop with our books, goods, favorite things and more
*all our traveling classes for 2010 will be announced
*new* art weekend dates and locations (we're choosing btwn Austin, Vegas, Phoenix, FL, LA, SF, SLC)

can you tell we've been busy? wowzers. i need to calm down.

here i am with the printout copy of the rough draft.