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Nicole's Classes® is a unique educational company with a very targeted demographic. Nicole Hill Gerulat is a Brooks-educated photographer who has been teaching photography courses from her own curriculum since 2007. These intimate classes of up to 20 students sell out within hours of announcement through Nicole’s established photography blog, A Little Sussy.

In 2008, at the request of her students, Nicole added Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator courses to her curriculum. These courses are taught by husband and wife team Mike and Alma Loveland, digital art specialists.

These core classes are taught locally (Nicole is based out of San Francisco; Mike and Alma are based out of Salt Lake City) and nationally as the group travels to major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, DC and Boston. Starting March 2010, their curriculum will also be available online.

Recently, Photo 101: The Book, Illustrator 101: The Book and Photoshop 101: The Book were released and quickly sold out of their first printing.

In addition to the core courses, Nicole's Classes® organizes Art Weekends® that boast a variety of affordable, educational courses taught by a wide array of talented instructors, local to the city. These large scale events feature between 15-20 a la carte classes that cater to hobbyists and budding professionals. At these events, attendees benefit not only from the knowledge they gain, but the networking they are able to do with like-minded individuals in their own community.

The first Art Weekend® was held in San Francisco in August, 2009. Over 350 tickets were sold with only a few mentions on three blogs -including Nicole’s A Little Sussy. The second Art Weekend® was held in Salt Lake City November, 2009 and sold out quickly -with over 450 tickets sold. Each event was a success with rave reviews from the students.

New classes introduced for 2010 include Art Weekend -Salt Lake City, The Seller's Retreat and The French Photo Retreat.

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