Online Classes Are Launching!

{By Alma}

By the way, did you know that registration starts for our online classes tonight at 6 pm PST?? We should totally have a launch party. Except that Nicole lives in SF and we're in Utah. Hmm. Maybe we should get together at Disneyland to celebrate. (Which, by the way, we are, and also, you're invited to come and participate as part of our LA mini Art Weekend activities!)

But seriously folks. You can take our classes online now! That means that you don't have to be located in Utah or San Francisco to benefit from our vast knowledge. And do you want to know what makes our classes better than other online classes? Well, let me tell you the story about that one time that I tried to learn Flash by using the tutorial that came with the program.

So I wanted to learn Flash. And I followed this step-by-step tutorial of how to make some gnome thing. And I was following along step-by-step and doing great. Until the very last step when all of a sudden, my gnome didn't work, but the tutorial's gnome DID work. What went wrong? I carefully inspected everything and mine looked identical to the tutorial's version. So then, I started all over. From scratch. And I redid every single step, paying attention to every minor tiny little detail. And then I got to the end, and my gnome didn't work. Seriously??

Guess what. That is the last time I have ever used Flash. I didn't learn the program at all. All it would have taken was one person to show me the minor teeny tiny seemingly insignificant thing that I did wrong that would suddenly make things right again. And then I would have gone on to the next tutorial and continued learning Flash.

At Nicole's classes, what we are offering you is as close to our live class experience as possible in an online format. You benefit from STRUCTURE. You have one month to complete the class. What this means is that we save you from your own good intentions. (Sites that have you pay a monthly subscription fee, on the other hand, benefit from you always meaning to learn your program but never actually getting around to doing it, so month after month, they collect money from you.) It means that in one month, you can be confident that you will have learned the lesson material. How awesome is it to say, "In one month, I will know how to use Illustrator"? (Or Photoshop. Or that really expensive camera that you bought but have no idea how to use.)

You also benefit from HOMEWORK. That's right. What used to be a bad word back when you were in school is now a WONDERFUL word, meaning you'll be assigned really fun, useful assignments that allow you to practice the skills you are learning. In my Illustrator class for example, you'll make your own poster, your own invitation, your own blog header, and more! And then you benefit from critique of your homework! So if something's not working for you, you have access to teacher help, where you can submit an image of what's going wrong, and we can tell you what to do to fix it! We'll comment on all your homework!

And you benefit from LIVE CHAT SESSIONS. That's right. You get direct, live access to us with all the other members of the class so that you can see what they are asking, and ask your own questions---just like you would have if you were taking our classes in person!

And finally, you can benefit from TEXTBOOKS (sold separately) that we have written ourselves, that complement the classes. So you can have a written record of everything that you'll learn in the online platform, but that you can keep forever.

So get ready, get set, and GO sign up for Photography 101, Photoshop 101, and Illustrator 101! You will love love love it! (Sign up starts at 6 p.m. PST. There are a limited number of seats available, so act now!)